Eコマースマーケティングにおける戦略の構造 ~ 一歩ずつ着実なマーケティングにするために~

Eコマースマーケティングにおける戦略の構造 ~ 一歩ずつ着実なマーケティングにするために~

Are you worried about not being able to feel the effects of your marketing activities, such as the fact that you have invested in influencers to increase sales but the results are not visible in the form? Those who have such concerns may not understand the structure of e-commerce marketing. This time, I will explain its structure and introduce what kind of activities are required at each stage.

What is the E-Commerce Pyramid

As mentioned above, e-commerce marketing has a structure, but it is a “pyramid structure”. If you know such a structure, you can understand that the effect will not be effective unless you carry out marketing activities in stages from the lower layers to the upper layers.
When expressing the structure concretely, from the bottom layer, it is divided into stages such as “review of in-house products, brands and sites”, “utilization of e-mail magazines”, “attracting online advertising”, “improving efficiency with data”.

the first stage

No matter how wonderful a product or service is provided and a good brand image is established, it is meaningless if the customer does not know it. The thing to do there is to maintain the website. Appropriate UI, UX (User Interface, User Experience) is important for a better website.
In other words, check whether the company’s website is in a state where “no time lag occurs,” “no links are broken,” “SEO measures are taken,” and “there is no discrepancy between the direction of branding and the design.” Let’s In addition to this, the most important thing is “is it compatible with mobile terminals?” This point can be said to be the most important item as more and more customers try to acquire information from smartphones over the years.

Second stage




この段階まで到達したら、様々なプラットフォーム上で有料広告を活用しましょう。主にpaid search(検索広告)とpaid social(SNS広告)の二つに分けられますが、両者に共通していることは潜在的な顧客に自社との接点を提供している点になります。ある程度の費用は掛かりますが広範囲への効果が期待でき、多くの人に自社への関心を持ってもらえる可能性があります。このとき、各プラットフォーム上の広告がブランドイメージと一貫性を持つようにすることがポイントです。





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