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How It Works

Sell your products in Asian markets.

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How transcosmos works:


A Perfectly Localized Ecommerce Website

We build your ecommerce website using natural sounding language, designed by our world-class, in-country web designers. Accept payments in local currencies, using preferred methods including bank transfers, C.O.D., convenience store payments, and other local payment methods. Currently supporting ecommerce operations in China (.cn), Japan (.jp), South Korea (.kr), Indonesia (.id), and Thailand (.th).






Your store on Asia’s largest Ecommerce Marketplaces

In Asia, online marketplace platforms such as Tmall and Rakuten dominate the ecommerce market. These “virtual malls” allow brands to create their own customized storefronts and take advantage of the high traffic volume generated by the marketplaces’ advertising campaigns. Brands that sell on Tmall and Rakuten can also participate in site-wide promotions to drive even more sales.


Our full range of services:

Whether you’re looking for a completely hands-free end-to-end solution or a specific service, such as Chinese customer support, we have a solution that’s right for you.

Ecommerce Operations

We take the guesswork out of developing an ecommerce platform, localized to each specific country.

Digital Marketing

Using the latest SEO, SEM, and Social Media tools and techniques for each country to attract your customers.

Customer Care

Award-winning customer support in over 23 languages. Located in over 31 countries, 45 sites, and 19,580 workstations and counting.


International fulfillment and logistics solutions provide cheapest, fastest, and most reliable service.

Local Currencies

Accept payments from customers in their local currencies using their preferred payment methods.

Regulation Assistance

We can help you navigate your way through the rules and regulations in each country.

Market Insight

Gain valuable information to help you determine the best possible market entry strategy.


Receive regular reporting in English to track your company’s success in Asian markets.

Why transcosmos?

We take your sales to the next level by creating an international ecommerce experience that looks, feels, and operates like a native-level store. Throughout our group and partnerships, our client list includes some of the largest global brands in retail:

Case Study

Our complete One-Stop Support launch on China’s Tmall platform resulted in a 50% sales increase for three consecutive months.


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