Finding what you’re looking for with a simple search is fast, efficient and economical. For that reason, the number of users is increasing rapidly year by year.

For online consumers who can’t pick up a product, the first criterion is a photo of the product. Most consumers focus on the product’s photo before they read the text on the web page. If the photos are taken poorly or the lighting isn’t good enough, many users will lose their willingness to buy and return to the search screen to look for another shop before seeing the features and prices. Taking attractive photos is the number one priority when running an e-commerce site.

In this article, I will show you how to take highly appealing photographs even if you are not a professional photographer.

Prepare a certain number of photos for each product

First, decide how many photos you want to display per item. It is important to keep the number of photos high or low depending on the product, and keep it constant. Generally, it seems that 3 images are often displayed.
By using multiple photos, you can highlight the strengths of your product. It is also a good approach to introduce you to what you are actually using in your life.

Also, if you have products in different colors and designs, you need to display different colors and designs, not just the most popular ones. By doing so, you can attract consumers of various tastes.

Make products look attractive

The most important point is the technique that makes the product attractive, which leads to increased sales. Try adjusting the lighting so that it shines evenly, or changing the camera settings. Take the time to edit the image, such as finding the best background, angle, and exposure.

Give your customers a closer look






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