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How a Pandemic has Changed Payment Needs and Preferences of the Global Consumer Shift in Consumer Behavior

Covid-19 marked a significant shift in consumer behavior. As retailers scrambled to fulfill social distancing needs customers began to demand more flexible contactless payment options. There was an increase in bank transfers and QR code usage across the globe but more importantly we saw a rapid demand for digital payments options like e-wallet payments including apple pay and google pay. As contactless payments moved to the forefront of consumer needs retailers began to see a rise in popularity of a new type of payment opportunity: Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).

The COVID-19 Effect on the E-commerce Vertical Market

How industries are choosing to respond, if they can at all, and how some thrived.

The coronavirus pandemic has made everything from revenue forecasts to marketing styles to scheduling employee vacations a bit of a mess. And while e-commerce has fared well compared to brick-and-mortar retailers, it hasn’t been easy for anyone.


E-commerce marketing during COVID-19

While COVID-19 has stalled economic activity around the world, e-commerce seems to be an exception. Online sales continue to grow in the US with corporations accelerating their efforts to improve the online shopping experience. It will become even more important in the future to optimize...

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