AI Solutions

Our custom-designed contact center solutions incorporate state-of-the-art IT technologies and abundant experience to evolve your contact center into an AICC (Artificial Intelligence Contact Center).

Comprehensive CRM Solution

Our comprehensive CRM solution is a client-centric, integrated CS tool designed to manage diverse customer touchpoints, from phone calls and emails to bulletin boards and chats, on a single page. By handling customer inquiries from multiple channels on one single screen with our Omni channel service, we ensure optimized efficiency in customer service by offering diverse and effective functions for contact center operations, including CS history view and inquiry type management.

Speech-to-Text/Text Analysis Solution(transpeech)

Transpeech, developed by transcosmos (available in limited countries), is a cloud-based voice recognition solution that translates call system voice data into text, enabling crucial data analysis. Leveraging the analyzed data, we provide real-time script suggestions and automatic summary of CS history, alongside a multitude of features for contact center managers including monitoring, automatic quality assessment, and Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis and management to optimize the operational efficiency of contact centers.

Workforce Management (WFM) Solution

Our WFM solution, developed by transcosmos, is a volume forecasting and input headcount management solution for contact centers based on our extensive experience in center operations, integrating the latest machine learning and deep learning methodologies with globally recognized predictive models. Moreover, by offering pre- and post-implementation data analysis consulting, we ensure that our clients can optimize the use of the WFM solution, including a comprehensive analysis of predictive models, outlier standards, and event impact.

Visual ARS Solution

Our ARS solution delivers a dual interface of voice and web screen guidance, enabling customers to navigate ARS through touch interactions. This self-help capability improves customer satisfaction and enhances consultation efficiency without the need for direct agent intervention.