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In the e-commerce industry, “fraud” has become a major issue behind its convenience. The current situation is that the number of fraud cases is increasing due to the method that takes advantage of the characteristic of online, which is that you do not actually make face-to-face transactions. In 2017, the number of frauds increased by 30%, which is a serious problem.

So will we give up the revenue source of online sales? Of course not. Since various services have emerged as fraud prevention tools, it will be important in the future to make good use of them and develop business so that they are not involved in fraud. In this article, I will introduce the points and recommended services when choosing a fraud prevention tool!

Why fraud has become a problem in e-commerce

What are the benefits of selling online? I think many people can think of the possibility of targeting overseas markets. The entry into the “overseas market” increases the possibility of being caught in fraud.
When entering the overseas market, there are many items to check such as consumer behavior and transportation, taxes, regulations, languages, currencies that are different from the home country. It seems that many people are involved in the scam because of the clever concealment of the scam in these many items.
Below is a list of fraud protection tools that will check these many perspectives and protect us from fraud.

Points to check when choosing a fraud prevention tool

I think many of the even more that each feature to say that the anti-fraud tool to say something about each service do not know what should I choose a different for any service. If you are suffering from such a problem, please pay attention to the following check items.

Machine Learning「機械学習システム」
Automated Workflow「作業自動化」
Insights Dashboard「ダッシュボード機能(複数スクリーンが必要かどうか)」
Chargeback Guarantee「返金保証」
Device Fingerprinting「デバイスフィンガープリント」
Supported Platforms「プラットフォームのサポート面」


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出所:10 eCommerce Fraud Prevention Tools to Stop Fraudsters
Video: How to View Fraud When Expanding Internationally

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