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10月 22日, 2019
By : Ami.T

In 2018, CBD (cannabidiol) derived from cannabis grass, which was first introduced by natural brands, and plant-derived bakuchiol, which has a high anti-aging effect, attracted a great deal of attention in the skin care industry in 2018. As a result, in 2019, skin care using CBD oil and bakuchiol is becoming a trend involving major brands. In addition to this, the current situation of the Korean brand in the skin peeling field, skin care that responds to individual needs more precisely, and new trends in the skin care industry against the backdrop of heightened environmental awareness are held. Meanwhile, let’s look at the future outlook.

Skin care products containing CBD (cannabidiol) oil

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a chemical substance found in cannabis plants and has sedative and anti-inflammatory effects. Unlike cannabis, it is considered to have a low risk of dependence, and is therefore preferred by people with a natural healing tendency as a pharmaceutical preparation to reduce inflammation.

It was 2018 when cosmetics containing CBD oil came to the forefront. It was launched as a facial oil and bath bomb as a product that can be expected to have sedative and anti-inflammatory effects (from acne to aging care) from some natural brands, and it quickly entered the trend.

In response to that trend, in 2019, major skin care brand Josie Maran (Josie Maran) released a facial oil of hemp seed oil extracted from CBD oil and hemp seeds, containing only two types of ingredients, Peter Thomas Roth also launched moisturizers and oils with added CBD and hemp seeds. Other major cosmetics manufacturers have also launched CBD-related brands and have begun selling skin care products such as face oil and emulsion.

Skin care products containing bakuchiol as a substitute for retinol

Bakuchiol, which is a kind of legume and produced from the Dutch stiletto, is an analogue of retinol and is expected to have similar effects. It has been attracting attention since 2018 as an alternative to retinol, and since it contains plant-derived ingredients, it is gentle on the skin and suitable for people with sensitive skin. In the future, cosmetic manufacturers are expected to incorporate moisturizers containing bakuchiol, beauty essences, and facial oils.


Skin peeling with PHA (polyhydroxy acid)

Traditionally, exfoliation was done manually using sugar scrub. However, due to the burden on the skin, more and more people are using skin peeling lotions. Traditionally, the main ingredients of skin peeling were AHA (glycolic acid) and BHA (salicylic acid), but PHA (polyhydroxy acid), which is gentler to the skin and safe for people with sensitive skin, has been introduced. In this field, Korean cosmetics brands are the main focus, of which the Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask released by Glow Recipe is a representative example.

Made-to-order skin care







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