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5 Keys for a Successful Ecommerce Trial in the US

If you are reading this blog article you are probably exploring the possibility of launching your brand in the US. Either on a trial basis or with the assumption that since your brand is successful in Japan (and in other countries perhaps) then the chances for success in the US market must be good. The good news is that the chances for success in the US can be managed and increased if you are willing to build your marketing strategy based on what is working in the US market. The not so good news is that many brands coming to the US are not willing to experiment with new marketing strategies and thus are disappointed with their results. Let me give you a brief overview of some of the keys to successful Ecommerce trail in the US.

Build an email list before you start selling – Splash Page

It may take 6-12 months of planning before you are ready to start your ecommerce trial in the US but why wait to start acquiring prospects? If your brand has some organic recognition in the US and your end game is to launch sales in the US, launch a splash page right away. It?s basically a simple web page with some brand content and an email signup box. This should only take about 1 month or less to launch. If you don?t have any organic brand recognition, I would still strongly recommend you launch a splash page, but you should start to drive traffic to the page using some basic paid search or paid social. The budget can be minimal but the point here is to start collecting data on click rates and experiment with different ad copy to gauge user reaction. Then when you are ready to start sales and shipping product, you will have a list of registered email users interested in your product and tested ad copy that will reduce your CPA.

Splash Page KPIs.

    1. Percentage of Email signups versus sessions.
    2. Ad Copy Click Through Rates.
    3. Cost Per Email acquisition.

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About the Author: Eric.H
Eric is the Director of Operations at the Transcosmos Los Angeles office and manages a team of bi-lingual EC specialists. Eric worked for 18 years in Japan in TV Shopping, Digital Marketing and EC Operations.

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