• Change doesn’t happen by accident.
  • It’s our People (and dogs) that set us apart. We’re Creating A FUTURE FOR YOUR BRAND …FROM THOUGHT LEADERSHIP TO CROSS-BORDER ECOMMERCE GROWTH. 


We have ridiculously passionate people who are ridiculously talented and ridiculously
accountable. You and your customers deserve the best.


Cross-Border One-Stop Ecommerce Growth

Build CRM B2B e-Commerce solution that improves the effectiveness of Sales and Ordering activities for B2B MFGs.

Provide entry into new markets by building Sales Activation Tools that improve the effectiveness of :

We secure sales space in major e-commerce malls, websites, and retailers in 48 countries/regions by aggressively partnering with and investing in over 500+ players focused on the growing e-commerce market.


Fractional CMO

Turning Visions into realities might seem like a tall order, but transcosmos untangles ideas, refines visions, and creates strategy to make it all happen. transcosmos works as a valuable extension of a brand’s already-existing teams.


Customer Experience Marketing

transcosmos is constantly delivery boundary-pushing work from the newest Unicorns to the World’s Biggest Brands.

Decentralized, Democratized,
Powering the Next Two Decades of
Global Open Web.

Dying are the centralized Social Media Giants. These eras don’t parish overnight. Their fall takes time and often isn’t readily visible. The digital future will give birth to an environment embracing and empowering the masses, rather than supplying ubiquitous favor to the elite alone.
Much the way WordPress supported the internet for the last 2 decades, Live, Shoppable Commerce will power the video-centric, mobile-first, decentralized and democratized open web for the next 20 years.
How will it do this?

Upgrade. Connect.

transcosmos provides a technology infrastructure which supports vertical, short video web stories to every open web entity on earth. We can upgrade the video infra of every online website, app, telco, and search engine in existence. 

transcosmos also enables short video web story content editing (long to short form), content transformation (16:9 horizontal to vertical, full screen display), and content creation for any open web entity with the vision to foresee that the content consumption medium of the future isn’t text or images, it’s video. Then it gives them fully integrated livestream, e-commerce, data sharing, and one-click transaction capabilities.

Without a commitment to revolution, in 10 years the open web will be obsolete with the social born generation. If we don’t make the change, it’ll be gone.

When was the last time you visited a website?

When was the last time you clicked on an ad?

When was the last time you spent more than 20 seconds on a web page?

Life and thriving in the
future-state digital open web requires:

  • Upgrading the content consumption experience
  • Creating a more immersive, more interactive, more natural experience that is simple to deploy
  • Leveraging native, content-born video pre-roll, interstitials, and branded sponsorship experiences versus intrusive ad units which track users
  • Innovating the media, interactivity, and e-commerce engagement experience for all

transcosmos is making these experiences available globally because it believes in an upgraded digital future for everyone.

  • 4x User Engagement
  • 1.8x Buying Intent (E-commerce and affiliate marketing)
  • 2.8x Time on Site 

We can’t stop here. We still have to connect everything together. Let’s Make Something Happen. We love ambitious brands and people. Drop us a line to see how we can help.