Omnichannel Support

To foster improved experiences, we are continually engaged in research and development efforts. Through our operational know-how and technical skills accumulated over the past decades, we deliver customized customer experience and big data services, as well as AI (artificial intelligence) contact center services.

Primary Services

transcosmos is at the forefront of offering various innovative digital services.

Contact Center Operation

From full outsourcing solutions that provide everything required to operate a contact center, including workforce, systems, and infrastructure, to in-house outsourcing that provides only customer support and management workforce, we provide tailored solutions for each client, delivering exceptional experiences for clients.

Integrated Global Operation

By utilizing the global locations of the transcosmos Group, we offer integrated global contact center services to businesses operating on a global scale. We assure service quality worthy of global brands while delivering standardized services through our globally integrated management system.

IT Service Desk Operation

We offer a comprehensive IT system operation service, catering to not just simple usage inquiries on internal systems but also engineer-level tasks such as function upgrades and DB monitoring. We collect the VOC (voice of the customer) from employees of client companies, ensuring swift and accurate resolution of customer inquiries.