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  • E-commerce marketing during COVID-19

    While COVID-19 has stalled economic activity around the world, e-commerce seems to be an exception. Online sales continue to grow in the US with corporations accelerating their efforts to improve the online shopping experience. It will become even more importa...

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  • Chatbot

    The use of chatbots in US e-commerce is now the norm, and all well-known companies operate chatbots. For those who are interested in the chatbot environment there, here some examples of how certain popular companies are using them.   Domino’s Pizza – ...

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  • CCPA(California Consumer Privacy Act)

    The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a consumer privacy law, is about to go into effect in California. The law applies not only to companies with physical stores in California, but also to e-commerce (EC) with customers in the state. This article explai...

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