12? 11, 2019
By : Natsuki.S

What is the first thing to do when marketing your product, not just e-commerce? It comes to mind when it comes to selecting marketing channels, budget allocation, etc., but I think we should start by creating a ?customer journey?.

What is a customer journey?

First of all, it is the “customer journey”, but when you anticipate the behavior and thoughts of the customer until the purchase (how you learned about this product, why you decided to buy this product, where you felt the value of this product, etc.) It is a visualization of a series. To make it easier to imagine, consider the customer journey of someone looking for “a calming dog for a storm”.

A dog-loving female customer journey doesn’t begin until the terrible storm comes. On a stormy night, her dog panicked and she had to stay up all night. The next morning, exhausted, she searched for “dog calm” and “dog thunder fear” in the Amazon app. Then, I clicked the advertisement displayed on the search result screen to check the details of the product. Then I closed the app, saying “This snack might be good for my dog… I’ll buy it next time the storm comes” (I will not buy it at this point). If the storm doesn’t come for a while, she might forget what she searched for, but when the next storm came, she searched for “dog soothing snacks” and bought a dog treat ..

This customer journey is based on a personal experience, but it’s actually tailored to the products and brand personas you sell.

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???Beyond the Stats: Attribution and the Buying Journey


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