Don’t miss the demand for gifts during the summer holiday season!

In the US, the summer holiday season is a great opportunity for EC. Father’s Day in June during the graduation season from late spring to summer. Compared to Christmas gifts, the number of recipients of summer gifts is smaller, and it tends to take less time to choose one, and purchasing tends to be shortly before. Let’s take advantage of this feature and increase online sales sales to increase new customers.

Get more fans with precise promotion and delivery

Gifts for Father’s Day and graduates are often forgotten to buy. Let’s promote it so that you can make a purchase trigger in good time. It is effective to carry out a discount or free shipping campaign immediately before and pick up the perfect product and notify it by e-mail. Be sure to recommend products that are well-stocked. Out-of-stock delivery delays can leave a bad impression on your customers.

It is also important to customize the placement in the warehouse to handle the sudden increase in orders. Put popular items near the packaging area. Be prepared with financial and technical capabilities to handle unexpected increases in shipments.

Keep in mind that your gift season will take longer than usual to deliver, so be sure to tell your customers exactly when it will be delivered.



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Important things about Father’s Day campaign

The importance of Father’s Day is increasing year by year. More than 77% of men in the US and UK celebrate Father’s Day, and about one-third of people who buy gifts are considering buying online. The amount of money spent on gifts is also increasing, and the amount of gift purchases in the US in 2017 was $15 billion. It is twice as high as in 2006. Many women buy gifts, and the purchase price is more than 1.5 times that of men. 28% of women buy their fathers presents for Father’s Day.



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