Ecommerce one-stop service

Operational Excellence

Our ecommerce One-Stop service is a combination of ecommerce operational functions into one service center that enables seamless communication and operational excellence. We help our clients who aim to grow their business and expand sales revenue in this dynamically changing market with our real-time operations and marketing execution. Through this approach we can deliver timely and efficient operational improvements maximizing the sales opportunity and provide a better customer experience.

Research and Analysis

Analysis specialists visualize challenges with solutions and strategically develop specific measures such as retention measures required for business expansion, cross-sell and upsell.

Ecommerce Website Design, Build and Management

transcosmos offers both Shopify and Magento ecommerce site development and maintenance services. Our inhouse team can also execute daily operations such as ecommerce site updates, order processing, fraud analysis and product uploads according to your brand strategy.

Product Photography

Product images on e-commerce websites are one of the most important customer touch points online, where products cannot be touched in person. It is necessary to prepare photos that are just as clear as if the customer is picking it up in-store, and at the same time, you need to be able to correspond quickly. By setting up an in-house booth for shooting product images, we can shoot, edit, and post them on the e-commerce website quickly.

Digital Marketing

We design by combining ads and social pages, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc., with newsletters, etc., according to customer data analysis and sales goals / schedules. Once operation has started, we will improve the operation in order to increase acquisition efficiency and expansion, based on the report analysis.

Amazon & Marketplace Support

Combining a branded ecommerce site with marketplace sales enables you to maximize your ecommerce sales presence. However, marketplaces can eat into your marginal profit so let us recommend a strategy that maximizes both sales and profits.

Customer Support

transcosmos is a global leader in Customer Support. We can manage inquiries, claims, inventory checks, returns and cancellation requests from consumers through multiple channels using multi-language agents.

Order & Inventory Management

Day-to-day order and inventory management is crucial to keep the business running smoothly.  transcosmos America’s specialists can work with your company to set up and manage these processes.

Logistics Management

Selecting and managing a 3PL is not always a straightforward process. Evaluating vendors is a combination of art and data evaluation based on years of track history.  Let our specialists recommend a partner 3PL who may not always be fancy but will get the job done.

B2B Distribution and Broker Support

Most brands can utilize resellers and distributors to maximize sales potential while still maintaining control of the brand image, message and pricing. Let transcosmos America assist you in finding a broker who has the networks to penetrate these channels.