Content Moderation

Not all of your customers will be aligned with your expectations regarding customer experience or, worse, your expectations around common decency. To ensure your brand is not damaged by these bad actors it is critical that all user generated content is reviewed either using AI or human resources. 

transcosmos is able to provide expert global resources fluent in local requirements to provide effective content moderation. To ensure both effective moderation and the wellbeing of our team members transcosmos employs counseling services to proactively protect our team’s mental health.

Inbound Services

Incoming interactions from customers are one of the most crucial customer touchpoints for a brand. A single great or terrible experience can make or break a brand’s reputation. This is why at transcosmos, we constantly seek opportunities to improve customer experiences from both a process and human perspective.

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Outbound Services

Outbound interactions can have as much of an impact on your brand and customer experience as your inbound service. ttranscosmos can help you design outbound programs that are fully integrated, providing a consistent customer experience across all touch points.

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Global Capabilities

Since initially expanding our services beyond Japan, transcosmos has focused on creating a global platform capable of servicing our clients regardless of their geography or demographic needs.

Our US operations work closely with our near-shore and off-shore locations to provide US customer support in a wide range of languages and at lower rates than those available domestically. We have established a highly effective model leveraging a US domestic “Lab” for complex, baselining, and new service implementations complemented by an off/near-shore team taking a majority of the production volume. The “Lab” model provides for more effective launches, responsiveness, geographic redundancy, and cost management.

With over 58,000 employees supporting more than 3,000 clients across 30 countries transcosmos has the experience and expertise to meet your global service needs.