Business Process Outsourcing Services

transcosmos’ BPO services team will perform an intensive investigation for the tasks of all of the applicable divisions in your company (e.g. General Affairs, Accounting, Human Resources, IT Systems, Design, and Development) and analyse, identify and clarify all issues in order to achieve the best scenario for you.

Moreover, transcosmos’ BPO services will also help you advance and update your business processes after identifying job redundancies and improve them by integrating, aggregating or terminating them to standardize the tasks. We will also review the operational workflow and empower automation by using our state-of-the-art IT tools.

By designing the most suitable operational system for you,  implementing employee education, training and follow-up systems, we are confident we can contribute to your success. In addition, we will fully utilize our near-shore/off-shore capabilities in order to fulfill two important objectives: Improve quality and optimize operational costs, both at the same time!

As a leading BPO provider corporation, transcosmos is committed to deliver growth on your profitability by making the best use of our vast know-how and proven business expertise.

Back – Office

Back-Office for Human Resources, Accounting and Sales depts

Support Desk

Support Desk, System Operation & Maintenance, IoT and Multi-device lifecycle

 OffShore Support

Established the largest offshore service system for Japan (China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, 18 bases)